Randy Tico, bassist, composer & producer

Randy currently performs and records with a verity of instruments and equipment.  For Latin jazz sets he plays a Warwick Streamer 5-string fretted bass, a Pedulla 5-string Fretless, a Tobias 6-string fretted bass, and a custom acoustic 4-string fretless made by John Hauk. For R&B sets he performs with a Fender Precision 4-string bass configured with a jazz bass pickup in the bridge pickup location.

For live performances he uses a SWR Grand Prix pre amplifier configured with a Crest Audio transistor power amplifier driving SWR 2-10” or Warwick 4-10” speaker cabinets.

Randy uses Warwick Black label strings on his Warwick basses and DR Hi-Beam strings on most of his other instruments.

Warwick Guitars http://www.warwickbass.com/

Dana B Goods http://www.danabgoods.com/

Michael Tobias Luthier http://www.mtdbass.com/

Pedulla http://www.pedulla.com/

DR Strings http://www.drstrings.com/

SWR Engineering http://www.swreng.com/

Crest Audio http://www.crestaudio.com/